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We’re back, baby! BOOGIE LOFT 001: 12-01-2023

After much anticipation and some unavoidable delays since our soft launch, OJNJ is thrilled to announce the official launch of Boogie Loft: Edition 001, our inaugural full-scale event.

Boogie Loft is where the magic of music and the art of dance unite. We pride ourselves on being more than just a dance party; we are a captivating fusion of electrifying dance performances, mesmerizing showcases, and fierce battles, all set right in the heart of the dance floor.

In this extraordinary edition, we are honored to present DJ Spen as our headlining act, accompanied by an ensemble of exceptionally talented support from some of Montreal’s hottest talent. In this edition, we will introduce a dynamic dance pit/stage right in the middle of the dance floor where there will be planned performances, showcases, and battles by some of Montreal’s most amazing dancers.

Don’t miss the Vogue Fem segment! There will be a “call to walk” where vogue dancers will be invited to display that they can perform all five elements of voguing. Those who make the cut will be invited to battle to see who reigns supreme. With Dream Louboutin & Legendary Brian 007 representing, we know at least two of the amazing dancers that will be battling it out.

In addition to showcases from studios, crews, and soloists, Montreal’s renowned pole dancers, Kheanna Walker and Saskia Klunder, will grace the event with multiple performances throughout the evening. Transmission, recognized by many from their Boiler Room sessions, will be capturing the night’s magic. Their creative head, Ian Cameron, will not only direct the filming but also be the event’s VJ.

We’re back, baby! BOOGIE LOFT 001: 12-01-20232023-11-27T10:13:18-05:00

A retrospective of our first Boogie Loft

It’s been some months since we completed the soft-launch and we wanted to take a moment and reflect on the previous event and what is to come.

The first Boogie Loft was born out of an idea that “coolness” in nightlife has become quite plastic – a manufactured, fake thing with no substance. To be a VIP, one simply needs to have money or, these days, a large social media following with a consumerist demographic. Ol Jack Nu Jack was born out of a desire to marry what has been with what should be. A mixture of the past and the future, built upon a base of respect, transparency, authenticity, and community.

The Boogie Loft concept is designed to elevate the art of dance within nightlife. Our goal is to be able to build a space not only where Montreal’s most passionate dancers are recognized as VIPs, but a space to bring a much closer, intimate, and symbiotic relationships between the music artist and the performing artists. How are we going to elevate dance?

  1. Dancers are the new VIP – we’re still learning who the great dancers are in Montreal, but we’re quick learners. They’ll be taken care of.
  2. We also want to work towards being able to fund and book dance performances that are integrated into the headlining music artists’ sets.
  3. People are entitled to more space – it is now standard for promoters to pack as many bodies as possible in an event. People need space to dance and we are working on learning the best ways to make sure that happens, starting with selling less tickets.

The first edition of Boogie Loft validated that Montreal has a large community of passionate dancers that will respond to nightlife events if promoters clearly communicate that they understand dancers’ needs. We also learned that to make this work in the long run, while we can’t be profit driven, we have to work very hard to balance the budget, especially since our concept leads us to stop selling tickets, even when there is “space” under the normal rules.

We’d like to thank everyone in the dance community, the awesome music talent, and the crew of “The Venue Above Bar Pamplemousse” for helping us pop off the first event. And a shout-out to our friends who helped with lighting, graphic design, ticketing, videography, photography, promotion, and event management. We felt a lot of love from the community and hope the community feels the love we have for them.

Building bridges with the dance community, buying music talent, finding and renting venues, loading in and out the sound lights and rigging, booking videographers, booking photographers, hiring and working with video editors, hiring and working with graphic designers, doing advertising and promotions … all of these things cost money and take time and we never are able to move as quickly as we like. We don’t yet have a date for our next event, but it won’t be too long until you hear from us again.


A retrospective of our first Boogie Loft2023-10-15T15:33:03-04:00

BOOGIE LOFT 000: 08-12-2022

Jovonn makes his long-awaited return to Montreal with Ol Jack Nu Jack’s soft-launch of Boogie Loft, a party focused on elevating dancers in the House Music space. He’ll be supported by some of Montreal’s most promising talent, Gayance, M.Bootyspoon, and Dapapa.

A native of Brooklyn and current resident of Queens (New York), Jovonn has been active in the music scene since the age of 10. Supported by his mother, a keyboard player; and father, a guitar/bass player, who were aspiring R&B singers; he was nurtured with a solid musical foundation. Jovonn began his career as a Hip-Hop DJ at the age of 14 and started spinning records at those infamous New York block parties of the 80s where he was introduced to the growing New York House music scene, hanging out in seminal Brooklyn clubs such as Sapphires, Club Saturn and Club Serene. Years later clubs such as The Loft, The Choice, Snobbusters and Zanzibar, solidified his full commitment to House music.

Exploding onto the house scene in 1991 with his second release, “Turn and Runaway” on Warner Bros. Records, (which reached number 10 on the Billboard chart and catapulted Jovonn on to the global scene) He then went on to set up his first record label, Goldtone Records, in the early 1990’s via Emotive Records (label compilation dropped on clone last year) and since then has produced more than 500 records in the House, R&B, Hip-Hop and Neo Soul genres, not to mention film scores and soundtracks although his true love has always been House music.

A pioneer of the NYC, New Jersey, 90’s house sound, he’s produced many classics with releases such as as “Back In the Dark”, “Garage Shelter”, “I Can’t Make Up My Mind”, “I Wanna Go To A Club” that all contain Jovonn’s distinctive vocal delivery and trade mark production, as the man says himself ‘gritty sounds, hard kicks, jazzy chords and a phat bassline’. Other releases in Jovonn’s impressive discography include ‘Something About this Love’ (on WestEnd Records), “The Spirit” album (on Track Mode), and the “Blaque House” album on Code Red.

More recently he’s delivered releases on prestigious labels such as Defected’s Record’s spinoff label, Nu Groove, Dogmatik, Objektivity, Deeply Rooted House and Apollonia, showcasing his talents to a new audience of house music lovers. Jovonn launched his new label venture Body N’Deep in 2017 via clone distribution, dedicated to releasing the hottest deep and raw underground house tracks from Jovonn and his crew of producers and vocalists including tracks from legendary artists such as Karizma, Delano Smith and Louie Vega. His recent album ‘Timeless’ was released and received great reviews from DJ’s and Press, showcasing Jovonn’s trademark new jersey sound.

BOOGIE LOFT 000: 08-12-20222023-11-03T16:42:48-04:00
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